something about love, partilhado aqui por Shiv Charan Singh
May the long time sun shine upon you 
this is the God to remember.
Transcendent: our original source, keeper, and final destination. Nirgun - beyond and without any specific qualities. Nirankar - Formless.
we are always loved. we constantly surrounded and embraced as we dwell in the great, vast, unlimited, eternal, nameless, light of transcendent consciousness, and it's ocean of compassion.
Oneness -the sum that is more than the parts.
All love surround you 
The God to serve in all
Immanent. Sargun - of all qualities. Pervasive and permeating all things and beings as well as the spaces in between.
the love that is powerful, explosive, impactful, in the moment, direct, felt, expressed between persons.
the love that is in sangat, and always surrounds us.
And the pure light within you
The God-self within to experience.
An extremely still and quiet centre where there is deep listening beyond the moment. Inner nucleus. The self- aware, solitary diamond. The inner bud of consciousness.
Guide your way on 
That the micro 'i am' transiting through all relationships in time and space to meet the macro ''I Am''.
Into the alchemic marriage of which love is the crucible, the chalice.
To the final meeting and merging where ‘’God and me, me and God, are One’’
The teacher serves to reflect, distinguish, point the way and remind the appropriate relationship to these three orientations of love:
- the great formless, unending, undefined, nameless.
- the immanent exterior - as it is happening and experienced in present relations.
- the inner solitary zero point of self